The benefits of pilates

Pilates is a method that helps us to get rid of cellulite and slim the body.

It is true that Pilates method tends to sculpt and shape the body.

These exercises oxygenate the body muscles and increase flexibility.

The exercises for the abdominal area are aimed at the development of muscles and improve circulation of blood and internal pelvic area muscles.

After several hours of Pilates you will notice a pleasant remodeling of the body – toning the abdomen, improve overall shape and improve the appearance of legs in problem areas – buttocks and thighs.

On the physical level, Pilates method also contributes to other things such as:

* Increase the fitness of the body;

* Improve the health of joints, increases mobility and agility of the entire body;

* Increase physical strength and endurance, thus preventing injuries;

* Improve control of mind over body, increase consistency and confidence;

* Correct back and rectify the position by reducing pain caused by poor position in the office.

Some of these results provide the benefits at mental and spiritual level, and their constant practice is a great way to relax.

Developed by Joseph Pilates twentieth century, Pilates Method aims to control the muscles with the mind.

Pilates is a proper sport for weight loss. Usually, exercises for beginners and Pilates made at home are useful to obtain good results on body weight.

As the program is introduced in the ordinary exercises, the body gets used to the fitness level, and, gradually, will feel be able to amplify the need to increase the strength of exercise, to support the ongoing process of burning calories.

Pilates is not the best activity if your mail goal is to lose weight. .

Pilates is a very good choice if you need to remodel your body, get rid of cellulite, tone your muscles define musculature, get beautiful arms, legs and abs and strengthen your ankles, waists and lengthening the spine, getting a correct body position, without actually increasing in muscle mass.

Following a one hour Pilates sessions, you will burn calories as follows:

– 250 calories in the routines for beginners;

– 350 calories at intermediate levels;

– 450 calories at advanced programs.

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