Sports to lose weight

Thus, the entire bone structure will be strengthened, as well as the back and for women it is ideal because it reduces the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. Jogging helps burn calories better than walking and increases oxygen consumption.

After a few workouts you’ll begin to see changes.

It also tones muscles. It is one of the best exercises for those with weight problems. Because of the impact, in particular the fat from your thighs, hips and abdomen will soon melt.

Spins in the balance while running help tone your waist muscles. Running before or after work in the park or around the block, is the least expensive sport. In addition, you stay in shape and get rid of depression.

Elliptical bicycle: Calories Burned – between 300-500 calories per hour. Elliptical bikes are one of the most popular and trendy fitness equipments, easy to use, providing a quality workout. Tones lower body with a good cardio workout, and because it involves very little impact, smaller than that of walking, it can be executed and those who have problems with knees.

Another big benefit is that elliptical bike involves a global aerobic workout making the illusion that we have worked less than we work on a regular workout.

Offering a good cardio workout, toning, and you lose weight and will improve fitness level! Persons who practice this exercise should sit comfortably in an upright position while keeping the hands on the car handles and pedal forward or backward.

Elliptical bike burns more calories than regular bicycle or the treadmill. Bike offers a good cardio workout, stimulating your heart beat, without overloading your joints. This train all leg muscles by strengthening and toning them. It is an ideal device for those who are overweight and are not keen on running.

Walking: Calories burned – about 360 / h .Walking is a natural physical activity, accessible to everyone. It is the only activity that keeps physical and mental health in good shape at any age. It is very easy to practice, inexpensive and safe, even for older people. Walking may be very well integrated into daily activities.

We can go solo or in group out in the city or in the country, everywhere. Walking is as effective as jogging (running), in addition, is free of risks (impact on the spine, the sole of the foot or tendonitis, sprains). It should be noted that walking puts into action a large number of muscles, allows the body to intake oxygen and to relax, releasing stress.

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