Kangoo Jumps

The true elliptical arches (IPS-Impact Protection System) have a rubber underneeth and thus neutralize the impact with the ground, which would affect the joints with normal shoes. The result is an interesting jump within the joint and provides a feeling of power and lack of weight (body), which could be compared to riding in the air. Kangoo Jumps sole is wider that of traditional shoes, so it’s safe and stable all the time.

Kangoo Jumps is the result of 13 years of research and continuous product improvement.


Benefits of using shoes KJ

Reduced-impact intensity by 80%

-Burn fat faster

-Increase the resistance to effort

– Improves balance

-Help correct body position

-Strengthens the cardiovascular system

Kangoo Jumps is ideal for:

-Jogging, Running


-Home-made exercise



-Recovery after an accident

Benefits of Kangoo Jumps:

Ensure the welfare and strength of the spine. Improves posture.

Strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Protect the joints due to 80% impact reduction in intensity

Consumption increases with 12-18% inspired oxygen (VO2 Max)

Increases bone density and muscle

Reduce the intensity of impact by 80% due to the springs.

It is safe and easy, suitable for any age.

Kangoo Jumps has benefits in health and fitness:

-Strengthens the cardiovascular system (VO2 Max)

-Strengthens the spine and intervertebral discs

-Help in the adoption of the correct position

– balance and coordination

-Stimulates bone reconstruction (osteoblasts)

-Faster fat-burning (stimulates lymph nodes)

-Increase motivation

-Maximize muscle contraction

Comfortable and easy to use … for everyone

Kangoo Jumps provide stability, are easy to use and can be used by patients or clients, from age 6 to 80 years, regardless of their health or physical condition.

KJ lining is comfortable due to the shape that adapts to the shape of the foot.

Experts recommend them for patients with the following problems:

-Damage to the waist, knee or leg

-Injury or back pain

-Rehabilitation after surgery

-Sports-related injuries

-Obesity, overweight

-Lack of physical activity

-Symptoms related to cardiovascular problems

-Posture-related problems

-Musculoskeletal weak system



-Lack of energy

According to specialists, the proportion of patients who are satisfied with the results of the shoes is about 95-99.

Exercise works primarily the butt and abdomen, and generally develop lower and upper body. For people of any age, “Kangoo Jumps” makes it possible to develop muscle strength, develop the capacity for coordination, strength and sense of rhythm.

There have been several scientific studies conducted in the past 13 years. Kangoo Jumps were constantly improved by specialists in Switzerland. Studies, approvals and evidence can be viewed on the official site Kangoo Jumps.

Kangoo Power Program

It is an explosive and challenging program designed to workout the entire body, developing strength and muscle mass. Each jump requires maintaining balance, even challenging those in shape!

Practitioners become addicted to this sport. The basic movements are very simple, but the complexity and intensity increase as they advance from the first level to the second, respectively third. So, this program is accessible to a broad category of customers, even those who normally would not opt for aerobics.

It is a safe program, which can be performed both inside and outside. Forget about any other form of aerobic movement easier or harder, which can affect your joints. Take your favorite Kangoo Jumps boots and discover new moves.

Kangoo Discovery Program

Consists of two programs designed especially for children of all ages. They are designed to improve the manageability, strength, posture, self esteem and team spirit. Helps prevent obesity in children and combat stress that children today are exposed to. Turn negative energy into positive energy during an enjoyable and fun workout.

“Kangoo Jumps” can be used in running, fitness, correction and prevention of many health problems, games, dance and pure fun.

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