Importance of sport for losing weight

It is easier to give up 500 calories in your diet daily than to get rid of them through physical activities. But if you just reduce the number of calories you eat each day without you exercise, chances are high that the lost kilograms come back soon. Your body considers it a process of losing weight and starvation, in response, slows metabolism activity.

When metabolism is slower, you begin to burn fewer calories.

When you start to burn fewer calories, the following things can happen. If you continue to consume few calories it will be no longer possible to lose weight as fast as before or you stop losing weight at all. If you increase your calories, it can happen to gain weight more quickly than in the past. The solution is to introduce more exercise into your daily program to counteract the effects of lasy metabolism, appeared as a result of reducing the number of calories.

A regular exercise program not only helps you burn calories during the workout,

But even when you rest. This is valid as long as you train regularly, at least three times a week. Any type of vigorous exercise can boost your metabolism (eg, vigorous walking).

For people who suffer from obesity and leading a sedentary life, physical activity counts per minute (any type of exercise, including walking, swimming or water aerobics). It is important not to push at first and then gradually increase the intensity and duration of exercise.

Activities conducted at a low intensity (such as short walks) will not help you lose weight as those with high intensity, but have other advantages. For example, it helps build muscle and reduce body fat layer.

Summer gives us many possibilities for fun and exercise. The parks are full, as well as swimming pools, fitness facilities can not deal with all the requests because everybody wants to be in shape and eliminate extra weight.

Train your family members to do sport. Choose a sport that would satisfy everyone and that all can practice. Jogging can be very pleasant to practice it in the family, from small to large members.

If you are unhappy with this idea, set a time each evening strolling through the park. For the trip to be better, you can invite, from time to time, other friends / neighbors.

You can opt for an ad-hoc meeting. That means each comes with a proposa: ball, bike, etc. It is important to do exercise and have fun.

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