How to lose fat on the abdomen

One of the common questions on fitness forums refers to how one can lose the fat on the stomach.

There are no secrets on how you can lose fat from the stomach. Here are three steps you can take to develop the 6 abdominal muscles.

Step 1: Training.

Many people do not realize that they train the abdominal muscles in an exaggerated fashion. They train their abdomen every day without too spectacular results. Problems arise because the abdominals and stomach fat is still present and if you don’t get rid of it, your muscles will not be visible.

Here’s why cardio workout and diet are also important in weight loss. When you lose fat, the muscles will be visible. If you focus only on the abdominal area, you will have good results.

Step 2: Cardio Workout.

Cardio exercises are effective in burning fat throughout the entire body. The best exercises are those that combine hard work during the breaks. Cardio exercises are meant to increase metabolism and therefore burn more calories.

It is recommended that such exercises are made progressively. For example you can start to run a mile, and then the distance can be increased.

Step 3: Diet.

Many people who are looking to lose weight in the abdominal area are not aware of the importance of eating in the effort to build a good looking muscular system. Most people who want to get rid of fat in the abdominal area are much more time in the gym and do cardio exercises, but forget to take into account the number of calories daily.

In fact, I would say that 90% of weight loss is due to diet.

A special nourishment plan was created by David Ziczenko – editor at “Men’s Health”, specialized on losing weight and exercising. The book is aimed at men, but the advices can be fit to anyone.

For many years the vast majority of athletes, models and bodybuilders have applied the same fundamental principles in their diet, principles like eating at short intervals (5-6 times a day), increased muscle mass, eating lean proteins and desire to consume unrefined carbohydrates. Unfortunately, many people that keep a diet do not take account the use of these methods, believing that they can lose weight just by food restriction.

Having well-defined abdominal muscles is difficult and challenging.

The 12 power foods recommended in this diet are:

Abs diet contains a 7 day eating plan, consisting of 12 power foods, along with some recipes. One meal per week is designed so that you can eat whatever you want. The book recommends avoiding fatty meat, processed carbohydrate / high sugar foods and refined sugar. Here are 12 power foods:

1. Almonds and other nuts eaten together with their skins.

2. Beans and other vegetables.

3. Spinach and other green vegetables.

4. Dairy: milk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, all fat.

5. Barley, unsweetened and without added flavors.

6. Eggs.

7. Turkey and other weak meats: Lean beef, chicken, fish.

8. Peanut butter, natural, no sugar.

9. Olive oil.

10. Breads and whole grains.

11. Based on whey protein supplements.

12. Blueberries.

Cardio and weight

A key element in the diet is the intensity and duration of training. It is based on the idea that development leads to muscle metabolism that will burn fat more effectively.

You cannot reduce the size of a specific area without affecting other areas. It is a myth. But if people lose weight – especially by practical and moderate exercise – will lose fat and will notice a reduction in waist size (because this is the area where the largest amount of fat is stored).

Unfortunately, this statement does not apply to everybody. Women in particular most often store fat in the hips and thighs. Also, fat around the waist may well be the last area where the fat will disappear if you keep a diet.

Cure for stomach fat has not been found yet. But this is a guide to muscle growth, to address a healthy diet and practice exercise. Provides relevant nutritional advice and if the recommendations would be followed precisely, will result in weight loss and better physical condition.

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