Get rid of cellulite through Pilates

Want to get rid of cellulite accumulated during the winter? To wear with pride the desired bathing suit? You have to lose those few extra pounds. It is recommended to meet a training program that includes simple fitness exercises, easily performed without special equipment; all you need is the peace and comfort of your home: Pilates!


Winsor Pilates, appeared in 1920, is the most popular fitness workout gaining popularity both among ordinary people, and among celebrities. Pilates is the ideal technique for combining the mind and body fitness exercises to combat cellulite with breathing and muscle groups working.

It can be done easily by anyone and at any age.

The principle on which this method is based on lies in focusing on “inner strength” which, according to the man who created this year, Joseph Pilates, is in the area between the navel and pubic bone. With a well organized training program you can easily reach to eliminate those extra pounds that will not let you fully enjoy life. Pilates is easily carried out due to very slow pace so that by the end of a set of exercises you will not feel so fatigue than during an aerobics program.

It places great accent on breathing and executing the exercises correctly. During Pilates, exercises is based on inspiration through the nose and exhale through the mouth in a steady pace correlated with the movement.

Benefits of Pilates method

Winsor Pilates exercise help improve blood circulation, increase bone strength, joint mobility, increase flexibility and maintaining body weight under control and balance. It is recommended that during the execution of exercises to tense every muscle in the body executing the series of 4 to 8 times with small breaks.

Following a well established program, Pilates helps you eliminate toxins, cellulite and lose inches. It is very important to take into account not only the number but how many pounds you can lose because muscle mass is distributed evenly and you want to have a harmonious body. Are you dreaming of a more slender body, toned muscles and shaped? Try training program that includes fitness exercises to combat cellulite with Winsor Pilates!

Before you start training you must warm up your body for 10-15 minutes performing a series of exercises. Preparing your body before exercise eliminate by 90% the risk of accidents.

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