Fitness training

Even if you’re a novice and you are learning for the first time the rules of a proper aerobic activity or if you have been keen on exercise for some time now and hope to improve results, it is essential to have a goal. If you follow a good fitness program using all primary components of fitness training, then you will definitely get a balanced routine.

Aerobic fitness

Aerobic exercise, also called the heart or resistance activity, is the fundament for most fitness.

Aerobic workout programs make you breathe faster and deeper, which results in maximizing the quantity of O2 in the blood. If you practice aerobics fitness properly, it is much easier to successfully complete physical tasks successfully and to face the unexpected challenges. Aerobic exercises include any activity that involves using multiple muscle groups and intensifies the rate of heart beating .Try walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing, water aerobics, even necessary activities of daily living like to clean the snow from the yard.

Muscule fitness

Muscle fitness is also an important element of physical activity program. Workout no les than two times a week and reshape your muscles with an adequate training. This will also help you sustain your muscle mass during a program of loosing weight. Almost all fitness locations offer many resistance devices, free weights and other accessories for force training, but that does not mean you have to spend your money expensive equipment to benefit from these or hand weights. Weights improvised at home, such as plastic bottles filled with water or sand can work as well as expensive equipment. Another option would be inexpensive treadmill, a device that is handy and is also comfortable.


The daily schedule should not miss any stretching exercises. Until recently considered a method of warming-up before exercise, stretching proved to be a sport in itself. It improves circulation to the muscles, so that they will recover more easily after a treadmill. Muscle tissue “lying” constantly becoming leaner and more flexible, and strength or endurance exercises will seem easier. Train stretching joints, which become more mobile, decreasing the risk of sprains or other injuries. And last but not least, by stretching muscles become longer and more supple and more beautiful.

4.Definition workout

In order to be a successful bodybuilder it is essential to have a nice body, well proportioned, with muscles well-placed and pointed out. This cannot be achieved without adequate muscle definition, especially in the abdominal area. Having a well-defined musculature means minimal body fat (less than 10%) and subcutaneous water removed. All this will give a maximum separation and vascularity. To achieve these objectives you must follow a very complex exercise program and nutrition. You need to follow a special training during muscle definition which consists of two sections: weight training and aerobic training. This training is aimed at maintaining muscle mass, if not increase them. Training intensity will be moderate, without special techniques to increase the intensity as: series combined, super-sets, forced repetitions, etc.It is so from one reason, namely to avoid overtraining, which will prevent the burning of body fat. The danger is overtraining due to restrictions of carbohydrates in this period.

5.Balance training

Even if you are already strong, flexible and in excellent physical shape can have balance still low and only training can facilitate you to conserve and develop it. This is essential because the balance has the tendency to degenerate once we get older, which leads to fractures or other unwanted situations. Try sit on one leg for a period of time as long as you can to improve your stability.

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