Fitness Exercises – Stretching sequences

In time, if that person will not have a daily fitness routine, she or he could end up with some muscle sores or injuries due to the inflexibility that the body will present. Trainers all around the world try to stress the idea that it is very important that you introduce some fitness exercises in your weekly routine so that you will not have any health problems in the future. Stretching your muscles is the most important part in a daily exercise routine because this will relieve you from all muscle sores after the work out program and it will help you perform at your best during it.

Also, an important thing to keep in mind is that tension and stress could lead in time to other dreadful diseases so it is best to prevent them by investing ten or twenty minutes per day or a few hours per week into such a routine then to try and treat it. In having a good relaxed and flexible body, you have to learn how to stretch out properly. Here are some stretching exercises for the entire body.

Start from your neck, by doing the normal movements from left to right and in front and your back but do them in slow motion, only in time adding some gradual tension and power to the exercise. You should do this for ten seconds and then move up to your shoulders. Do a rotation movement to your shoulders and then with the help of each arm, try to elongate it in the opposite direction.

Now your triceps and your chest should involve a few simple movements and a limited amount of time. Try to put one of your hands in the back of your head and with the help of your other hand push it gently from it elbow down. Do this same exercise by switching hands and try to add some gradual pressure to the exercise. You will feel already more relaxed and tension free.

The back muscles are the ones that are used the most so you should try to stretch them every day if possible with simple exercises in laying down the floor and pushing your legs into your body as in the fetus position. You should do this for twenty seconds, in trying to maintain the position, adding some gradual force for three seconds. These simple exercises will help you in having a more relaxed body and also will prevent any muscle injuries or sores due to the day to day activities or from a tough work out program.

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