Fitness Exercises – Neck and Shoulder Stretches

Although it is recommended to do some daily fitness exercises that will focus solely on the neck and shoulders, you must keep in mind the cat that you would not want to overstretch it or do bouncy movements when doing so because you neck is extremely vital and sensitive.

Also an important fact that must be underlined is that the following fitness exercises that will be described will lower the risk of having any injuries when trying to get some serious exercises done and in time will help with the soreness of the muscles after a hard work out.

Start with tilting you head to the slowly to your left shoulder and then come back to the initial position.

Afterwards tilt your head to your right shoulder and after a few seconds come back again to the initial position. Do this movement for almost five times, in slow motion so that you will start easily heating up your muscles and after the last one you will feel a flow of energy that will move from left to right causing pressure to go down in that specific area.

A regular stretch will surely help you keep your flexibility and as you will grow older have a very good range of motion that will help you not only in your daily activities but by performing your best in your work outs. After this try a movement of your neck to your front, again slowly, trying to have a movement of three or four seconds as duration and then come back again. Now, move your neck in the opposite direction with a slow movement and afterwards come back to the initial position. You should do this exercise four-five times and then combine it with the prior movement described earlier.

After you have stretched out your neck, it is time for your shoulders. There are various techniques and the easiest would be to take your right arm and stretch it all the way to your left. Now, with the help of your left arm, pull your right hand into your torso. You will feel you muscle pulling and getting leaned. After this do the same movement by switching the arms.

Try this exercise for three-four times and you will surely feel how your body becomes more tension free in your deltoids. Stress can cause your muscles to tense up and a result from this will be stiff necks, headaches, knotted backs or sore shoulders. After this, try to combine the shoulder exercise with the neck, remembering that all should be in a very slow movement because this is stretching and fitness all about.

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