Fitness Exercises – Leg Stretches

There are various exercises that you could try out for example after a run or a jog you could do some hamstring stretches. Put your legs into the hamstring and try to push into it as far as you can by adding gradual force. The main idea would be that you would do it slowly and adding a little bit of pressure every time you would repeat it.

Now switch to the other leg and try to do these exercises for about five six times.

This will help you lower the chances of getting an injury from strenuous exercises to a minimum and also to have up to no muscle soreness what so ever. From your normal position of staying on your two feet, push your right leg in front of you at about half of meter, this leaving your left leg in the back flexing. Try to do this slowly but in time adding some gradual tension and power to the legs. You would never want to do your stretches faster then you should because this can have the opposite effect on the muscles and you could turn out with some strained muscles. Now switch the legs and try flexing your right leg this time.

You should do this fitness exercise every time you want to work out and after the working out program so that you would lessen the muscles sores. Lie down on to a blanket, facing the ceiling and lift both of your legs up and then back into the fetus position. Try to keep your legs in that position by keeping both hands on them.

This exercise will help you stretch your buttocks, back, upper legs, torso and arms at the very same time and it is quite beneficial, leading in time to a very healthy and flexible body. Now from this position, put the right leg down and try with the left one to point it up to the ceiling. Add gradual power to this exercise and try to do it for about five times.

Also keep in mind that if you would want a full stretch you would want to maintain that position for almost 30 seconds. Now switch legs and add gradual pressure to the right leg by keeping balance with the left one. By doing these exercises daily you will prevent muscle sores and feel more vitality as your body will get much more flexible and healthy.

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