Fitness Exercises – Chest and Arm Stretches

Keep in mind that to prevent any further tension accumulation in this area, you need to have flexible and strong biceps and triceps thus you will need to have a regular exercise routine and underline the fitness and stretching part daily. Raise your right arm up and then lower it only from the elbow down behind your head, touching your back. With the help of your left hand, gently push your elbow down until you feel the pressure that was built up being released.

Try this exercise for four-five times but remember to do it slowly and do not push hard as this is merely a fitness exercise designed to stretch your torso and upper arms.

After this, raise your left hand up, lower it from the elbow down to the back of your hand and repeat the exercise only this time by switching arms. Trainers recommend that you would do it for more than two minutes because the torso is slightly longer and will have much more tension built up then the neck or shoulders.

You should try to do these exercises before any real work program because it will make you more efficient and at the very same time you will lower the chances in pulling a muscle to a minimum having as a result a healthy and flexible body. After this, elongate your arms in front of you, hold hand an try to pull each arm gently for four-five times per round. Do the same exercise now by elongating your hands in your back.

Try to do some rounds by switching from front to back but keep in mind that this will be a slow process to have your muscles heated up for or a work out or mainly to get you started the day. It is very important to do these kinds of exercises because tension build up can lead to some very serious stress disorders and it is far better to prevent them then to try and heal them.

Also, without any real exercises your body will become inflexible and you will have problems with your muscles, having higher chances to strain one or more when doing any physical challenging activity. A very healthy lifestyle will not only be in the way you eat but also in your daily exercise routine and you must remember that a healthy body will have a healthy state of mind, more energy and a more positive attitude towards life in general.

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