Fitness Exercises – Back Stretches

A very important thing that you should know before trying any work out program is that you should learn the proper way to stretch every part of your body so that you will reduce any stress over your muscles and also the chance of hurting your body by over exercising.

If proper stretched you will also have fewer muscle sores after a work out program. Your back consists form a large range of muscles in the upper body and the lower body so you would have to stretch them one at a time before trying any exercises that will involve the whole back.

Raise your right arm up and then to the side. Try this exercise three or four times and then switch to your left arm.

After doing this for a minute or so take a break and then try it with both arms. You will sense that your whole upper body works and as the tension will go away you will be ready for harder exercises. The main goal of the upper body will be to lift and pull loads so you must prepare it for these types of exercises.

Now go and lie down on the floor facing the ceiling, lift your legs up in to the air and then pull them in front of your torso as in the fetus position. Try to pull and strengthen you back as much as you can adding gradual force and stay in this position for a minute or two. Back injuries are one of the most common injuries that usually occur during a exercise routine because the muscular imbalance, the poor posture or the inflexible or weak muscles. After you take a break, shift now facing the floor, position your hands as you will rely on your upper hand and try to face the ceiling as much as you can.

This type of exercise will help you relive tension in your lower body and you will feel it working after you will finish. The back will take much more tension in comparison with any other part of the body so you must be careful when you feel any mild discomfort that will persist and go check it out. If you would want to prevent any back pains, it is strongly suggested by medics and trainers all around the world to have a daily exercise routine that will relieve your back tension and will help you in living a very healthy life style.

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