Best aerobic workouts

Among the best exercises to keep in shape, some can be done even at home, without requiring special equipment or cost too much. From the list of exercise it is impossible not to find several to fit you best, and that you enjoy doing. So the most important thing is to get to work as soon as possible!


Step-aerobics: calories burned – about 800 / h. Step aerobics is a popular type of that mainly consisting in getting up and down the step support, more like climbing a stair. It also includes dancing moves which amplifies the heart rate. It can also be combined with, tae-bo, making the routine even more challenging, because it becomes a good cardio exercise too. It has very good effects on your legs, butt and thighs, but almost all body muscles get more or less involved in the routine. . If you follow it an hour a day, you get visible results in just a couple of weeks.

2. Bicycling: Calories Burned – between 500 and 1000 / h. riding a bicycle is one of the most effective ways you can keep your silhouette and shape!

– Strengthens immune system

The immune system protects the body against infection and disease. Studies have shown that cycling, even if it is practiced moderately stimulates production of antibodies and prevents disease!

-Strengthens muscles

During cycling, most muscles in the body are put to work: those of the feet – for riding, those in the abdomen and back – for balance, and those of the arms to support the body.

-Strengthens bones

The entire skeletal system benefits from cycling! Because it is gentle to your joints, your strength and mobility will be improved, and back pain will miraculously disappear by moving the spine!

– You get rid of extra weight, adiposity and obesity risk

Riding a bicycle has a 70% effective in alleviating these problems, because cycling stimulates the metabolism to burn calories and eliminate fat.

– Melt fat

Riding requires the body to turn to body fat reserves, which is extremely beneficial for cholesterol. Moreover, it prevents the accumulation of fat in the future, thanks to a protective mechanism that is activated automatically!

3. Swimming: Calories burned – about 800 per hour.

Swimming covers the basic needs of human beings, from a good state to a full training of the person in terms of motor, cognitive, emotional, physical condition.

Biggest advantage of swimming is that muscles and joints are put in motion without having to bear any weight, thus reducing the tension that exists at their level, which determines a minimum risk in terms of damage or injuries. But not only that. Water resistance cause the body to consume more energy to move, thereby shaping and molding the body and combating cellulite.

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