Aerobics for the heart and muscles

Prolonged exercise is known to require heart and muscles and requires a large amount of oxygen. Aerobics should be performed in a clean air space, well oxygenated. Cardiovascular and pulmonary systems ensure adequate oxygenation of all organs and especially for the brain and muscles, so it is very important that these systems run at optimum parameters.

Also regular exercise train the heart and lungs and increase overall physical condition. For these reasons, aerobics is also called “oxygen gymnastics.” Aerobics comprises several types of exercise with duration of 2-3 minutes each.

Aerobic exercises include several activities such as:

– Walking

– Cycling

– Swimming (which trains mainly arms and back muscles)

– Jogging (it is recommended that this be followed by some stretching exercises, keeping a good overall physical condition)

– Tennis

– Basketball

– Skiing (only recommended for people with experience).

For a proper efficiency, aerobics should have duration of 20-60 minutes, depending on the type of exercise performed. After the beginning of exercise, heart rate and respiration increase, metabolism and muscle contraction are intensifying; this should provide the necessary energy.

Aerobics brings many benefits, including:

– Developing and maintaining a proper physical condition

– Reduces the risk of serious illnesses like coronary heart disease (ischemic cardiomyopathy), by lowering cholesterol (which promotes coronary atherosclerosis)

– Increases muscle strength and strengthens the skeletal system (reduces risk of osteoporosis and secondary fractures, relieves symptoms of degenerative diseases like rheumatoid arthritis)

– releases some chemicals into the blood synthesized in the brain called endorphins

– Improves peripheral circulation

– Help maintain a proper body weight

– Prevents diabetes

– Reduces risk of high blood pressure

– Helps relieve emotional stress and daily stress, and also helps treat depression


If we take into account the multitude of advantages and benefits that aerobics can offer you (prevent disease, maintain weight control, stress management) then we can say that aerobic exercises are the most simple and handy things you can do.

What we need to do is to impose regular physical activity and last but not least, to follow a good diet and exercise regularly .Diet is closely linked and it is hard to get good results just through diet or just exercise, but it is far better to appeal to even one of them than to do nothing.

Before starting any exercise, buy yourself some shoes. Be sure you select comfortable shoes that fit your foot. If you planned to invest in sports equipment, choose something fun to wear and easy to use.

You can try different equipment when you get a chance before you buy them your own. Surely you will find something that will mold and the budget that you own.

After 5-6 weeks of the program, you will observe development. You’ll see the evolution of increase time spent on exercise. Starting a sports program is an important decision. Through good planning, you can successfully follow your schedule and develop a healthy habit for life.

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