Aerobic dance

Aerobic dance is basically an hour of physical activity that contains the same well-known steps of aerobic.However, aerobic dance is very different from traditional aerobics because this time, aerobic steps are combined with each other so that they look loke a choreography.

Specific modern dance elements are added (eg, pirouettes, jumps, hip movements, arm movements and movements of the neck).

In an hour of this type of aerobic , dance is much more present than in cardio, strength and toning training, so in one hour of aerobic dance you burn more calories rather than increase your muscular mass.

Besides burning calories, at this class you have the opportunity to learn the correct body position and behavior, and often you can learn often dancing figures that can prove to be useful outside the gym, in different circumstances.

Every class of aerobic dance begins with the specific 5-10 minutes warm-up, then learn the steps one by one and then exercise the steps to form mini choreography combined with pirouettes, jumps, hip movements, and contrast with other genres.

In contrast with simple aerobics, dance aerobics requires a careful selection of music that would amplify the mood and appetite for dancing.

Dance-aerobics can be performed by anyone who wants to put the blood in motion, who wants a good state of mind and to see a resolt out of it.

Dance aerobics is a workout that combines the best sport music with pleasure, addressing all ages. Although initially only attracted young women concerned about weight loss and body shaping, today, many followers enjoy dance aerobics. It is an entertaining and fun way to keep fit that combines fat-burning moves with stretching and muscle-shaping.

All these exercises are accompanied by appropriate background music that will motivate and stimulate you. An aerobic dance workout begins warm-up and stretching, followed by 20 to 50 minutes of intense exercise dance and ends with stretching and relaxation exercises.


What equipment to choose for this sport?

To practice dance aerobics, there are some necessary conditions for conducting training and appropriate equipment. First step is making sure the floor was not too rigid or soft drilled. It takes a hardwood floor that allows alert movement. Otherwise there is danger of ankle sprains.

Clothing should be casual, light, which alows mobility and allows the body to exercise. Not recommended (and this is appliable for any sport you practice) tight synthetic materials. Appropriate footwear should provide good support, provide the grip and to absorb the shock of jumping.

Choosing music for aerobics

Latest studies show that music is a good stimulant in sports. It was noted that once you listening to music, performing exercise intensity will increase and you will have better results. Music will make you forget the effort and to ignore fatigue. There are many people who can not conceive play sports without being accompanied by music.

Choosing music for aerobics is not so difficult, considering that the exercise of this sport is based on a fast pace. If you are considering yoga exercises or you’ll guide pillates you will use a more relaxing pace.

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