Hepatitis D – Treatment

One of the few drugs that is used in adults and in children is interferon alpha that seems to help in fighting with the hepatitis D virus but at the same time this medication has its limitations because almost half of the patients do not respond to this type of therapy and will relapse within a maximum of 48 weeks if somehow the treatment will be discontinued. Dr Patrizia Farci from the Institute of Internal Medicine at the University of Cagliari in Italy stated that interferon alpha will remain the sole most effective known agent against hepatitis viruses if scientists do not progress in their field work and more research will be made.

This must be a joint effort in discovering an effective cure that will be a great asset to all man kind in the future and it is something that must be done now that we have developed so much in the past years.

We must use this development and find within it the strength in finding and fighting the hepatitis D virus and at the same time acknowledging the threat that presents its existence to the human race. There have been experiences in combination therapy but had a limited amount of positive results in treating chronic hepatitis D, one of the studies using acyclovir for three weeks after being followed by a five-month course of interferon alpha but it did not show any evident difference in the results that was brought by the interferon alpha sole treatment.

There are right now studies that try to combine the lamivudine and interferon that underline the fact that the liver will show great functioning after small amounts are infected into the body but at the same time these studies have showed the rapid collapse that the liver will have if the treatment with interferon will be stopped and a sustained biochemical response was noticed in 35% of the patients that were treated with large amounts of interferon. It is believed that there are different genetic variations that the hepatitis D virus will have and that will cause different types of liver damage but when the treatment with interferon works it will reduce the level of replication that the hepatitis D virus will have and there will be a minimum amount of damage that will be done to the liver.

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