Hepatitis C – Treatment

Hepatitis C virus will affect your liver and at the same time if not treated correctly it could be in time potentially fatal. If you experience any of the symptoms that come with this illness please do consult your doctor because there are medicines that can help cure or control the significant vomiting or nausea. If these symptoms are well controlled you can have the ability to be cared for in your on home or on your own.
In some cases dehydratation or other symptoms can become quite severe and can show signs of delirium or confusion thus the need for hospitalization is highly recommended.


The most important treatment that showed most promise in curing the chronic hepatitis C is the agent named pegylated interferon alpha (Pegasys or PEG-Intron) and it is often mixed with an antiviral drug named ribavirin or Virazole. After a consultation with a gastroenterologist or a hepatologist ( the liver specialist) you can both draw the decision to start taking medications for treatment in fighting the hepatitis C virus. This decision will be solely based on the results for the liver functioning tests that will be made at hand, on liver biopsy or test for HCV, on the general medical condition and on the person’s age. There are a number of medical conditions that will preclude the use of interferon like depression or certain other mental and neurologic disorders, autoimmune diseases like systemic lupus eyhematosus, rheumatoid arthritis or psoriasis, active alcohol or drug abuse, cirrhosis that has severe symptoms such as wasting, jaundice, fluid retention that will cause swelling or mental disturbances and a low blood hemoglobin level, other else know as anemia and a low blood cell count.

Interferon alpha is a protein that will make you body respond to viral infections in order to fight against it. Also it is used to treat a various large amount of infections and diseases like types of cancer, leukemia and multiple sclerosis. At the same time there is a quite significant number of people that is infected with hepatitis C virus that cannot take ribavirin or interferon or that will not tolerate their side effects. Sadly, because of this the health state of that patient will not get better because there are no other drugs that scientist discovered to the present day that work better against this kind of virus then these already mentioned.

Hope is not lost yet because research is and will be ongoing and there have been developed different types of therapies that will include specific herbs against the hepatitis C virus. At the same time it is very important to underline the fact that these complementary therapies have not been prone to any scientific statistic or study and will not be recommended by any medical authority as an alternative to the ribavirin and interferon treatment.

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