Hepatitis C – Overview

Sadly, statistics have shown us that almost 75% of the persons that will get infected with hepatitis C virus will surely develop chronic hepatitis C and if this happens this illness can progress to the point of end stage liver diseases or in other words to the point where the liver will begin to fail and there is no treatment for this, the only way of action suggested being a liver transplant.

Throughout the world and the United States, hepatitis C infection has became an increased public health care concern and has been catalogued as one of the most common causes of chronic liver diseases and at the same time one of the most common cause of chronic viral hepatitis. Also studies have shown that this the hepatitis C virus is the common denominator in causing almost 17% up to 20% of acute cases, meaning new and very short termed, of viral hepatitis, half of the cases of end-stage liver disease, half of the cases of cirrhosis and live cancer around the world.

Medical authorities have drawn an alarm signal when it comes to this certain diseases because it has become every day more common, year after year cases keep piling up and people get infected on a regular basis without even knowing.

The body will produce antibodies in fighting the hepatitis C virus and there was a study made in the United States that showed that almost four million people will have the antibodies to HCV, getting infected at some point but at the same time getting cured and about two million people do not even know that they are infected with such a virus and the importance of this awful disease. Information is a very powerful tool in the help of fighting with this illness and people should get more information by surfing the web or even going to their own doctor and asking questions. Prevention in living a healthy life style and at the same time a very well balanced one will surely be allies that need to be made in such a combat with the hepatitis C virus because it is an illness that affects all of us without any exception none whatsoever.

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