Hepatitis B Transmission and Causes

Using dirty needles during an illicit drug use may cause a direct contact with infected blood and at the same time within the health care facilities it may happen having contact with inadvertent needle sticks. You can get infected also through semen that will contain small amounts of blood or through saliva that will be mixed with contaminated blood. At the same time infection can occur when these fluids will come in contact with mucous membrane for example the mouth, rectum or the genital organs or with broken skin of an uninfected person.


Statistics have shown us that there are some people more prone to get infected like others for instance: men which would have sex with other men, men or women that will have multiple sex partners and most especially without the use of a condom, people that inject drugs and sharing needles, people that have other sexually transmitted diseases, persons that will undergo dialysis for any other kidney diseases, people that will receive transfusions for blood or any other blood products, health care workers that may be stuck with sharp instruments that may be contaminated or with needles infected with blood, institutionalized mentally handicapped persons and the ones that attend, family members or caregivers, and infants that will be born from infected mothers.

In most cases the source of transmission will be never fully discovered making it even harder to get a fully treatment for all the people involved at hand.

An important fact that you must consider at the same time when meeting a person that is infected with hepatitis B virus is that there activities that will not affect you or your family. Hugging someone that is infected with such a virus will not lead to contamination or having someone sneezes or coughs on you. Eating food or drinking water or any other casual contact within a social setting or an office will not have any risks of infection. It is perfectly understandable the restraint and the fear when knowing that some one near you has a illness us such a severity but at the same time we must know that being infected with hepatitis B virus does not change you as a person and nor it should the people around you or their behavior towards you. Precaution is a perfect tool in combating this awful disease and a regular visit to your doctor will help you in living a healthy long, healthy and fulfilled life.

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