Hepatitis B – Overview

Much more likely to construct this disease within are children and infants being most dangerous for them because of the ongoing development of the immunity system that will not be at its full capacity. Sadly, there is no cure for the hepatitis B virus but scientists developed a vaccine that can prevent you and your family from this dreadful disease. In case of infection there are several ways and measures of precaution to take in order to avoid the infection of any other people that you may come in contact with.


There are two possible phases to this illness: first one will be acute and the second one could become chronic. Newly acquired infections will otherwise translate into acute hepatitis B and the infected individuals will notice their symptoms during a maximum of four moths’ period after the exposure to the hepatitis B virus. There are several cases of people that get infected and with acute hepatitis B but their symptoms could be solved within weeks after the infection and will be cured from this disease but at the same time there is a small but quantified number of people that will be infected and within a duration of a few weeks will develop a quite severe and at the same time life-threatening type of acute hepatitis B that is also known as fulminant hepatitis.

The second type of hepatitis B virus is the chronic hepatitis B that will be an infection with the HBV virus which will last for more then six months and if the condition becomes chronic there is a minimum chance that it will ever go away fully.

Statistics have shown us that an approximate amount of almost 96% of infected adults will be able to fight off this infection so that the virus will be completely gone from the human body. The rest of 4% that are infected with hepatitis B virus will sadly develop a chronic infection. Children and infants are the most at risk in catching this diseases and developing it until the chronic stage because of their immune system not fully grown and up to 80% of infected children will not have the capacity to clear off the hepatitis B virus from their bodies thus bringing on the most severe form of this disease, the chronic one.

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