Hepatitis A virus – Symptoms

Hepatitis A virus is commonly known as the inflammation of the liver caused by this virus and has the name of hepatitis A or HAV. In the United States this is one of the most common hepatitis viruses and HAV is one of the few viruses that may cause this disease. The other most common illnesses is hepatitis B and hepatitis C also with the same overview but much more complex in diagnosing and treatment options.

This diseases strikes annually and it is fairly recommended a once an year visit to the doctor and at the same time a full check-up in cases of infection thus making early prevention one of our best allies in fighting with this virus. Studies have shown that only humans are prone to this illness thus making the risk of infection lower then expected but at the same time when in cases of, much harder to cope due to the restricted lifestyle that one must lead after the diagnosis. Hepatitis A virus will not cause a long term ( ongoing) a chronic disease unlike the related viruses of hepatitis B and hepatitis C. the liver will become swollen and inflamed but on the long term will not cause any damage with correctly treated.

The scary part of this illness is that sometimes many people do not show any symptoms at all because they will go unnoticed. Older people will be more prone in showing them then children and at the same time studies have shown that people that do not have any visible symptoms can in fact expose others to this dreadful virus. After infection, hepatitis A virus will develop in between 3 weeks and 7 weeks from the exposure and the symptoms will not going to be fought out by the immune system or will not e too severe.

The common denominators in symptoms are vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, low-grade fever, diarrhea (most usually children will present this), rashes, jaundice, that is a yellow discoloration of the whites of the eyes and of the skin, tiredness, fatigue, pain in the liver area or just under the rib cage, to the right side of the abdomen and urine coloration to a brown color being similar to dark tear or the coca-cola drink. When presented with vomiting symptoms, dehydratation will surely take place thus people may feel weak, confused, have rapid heartbeats, urinate less, have headaches or become quite irritable.

Duration of these symptoms can last up to nine moths but many can come and go so it is strongly suggested that you have regular visits to your doctor as latter presented, prevention being the best tool. Also a very important factor that you must keep in mind is that hepatitis A virus will not be contracted from just being near a person that has this disease.

Hepatitis A virus – Symptoms

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