Hepatitis A virus – Diagnosis and Treatment

At the same time it is strongly suggested that you should visit your doctor at least once per year to do a full check-up thus taking a risk of infection to a minimum. This disease will affect only the human body and at the same time symptoms will be highly visible in older people then in children due to the immune system and growth in age. Nausea and fatigue are the most common leading to severe vomiting and dehydratation.


Sadly, there are no accurate medicines that will cure the infection with hepatitis A virus, most patients needing only a reliving treatment for the symptoms that may affect the human body. At the same time good news are at hand, scientists discovering a cure for people that have been exposed to the virus hepatitis A and that may prevent you form infection called immune globulin, its effectiveness being tested as being most high within the first three weeks from the actual exposure.

If you feel you have been infected with such a virus you must contact you doctor right a way in hope of this cure to work. The immune globulin subcutaneous, known this in the medical field, is a sterilized solution developed from the human plasma. It will contain a high dosage of antibodies that will protect your body in the fight with this infection and may others. This is used to treat primary immune deficiency and there are other purposes as well but are not listed in the medication guide that will come to the package thus medical advice is utterly needed.

If you or your doctor feel that you are at the risk of contracting such hepatitis A virus, you will have to drawn blood and have it tested to see the well functioning or not of the liver, the solely affected organ during this disease. There will be a test made to show whether you have been exposed to HAV and at the same time your blood will probably tested also to see if there is in infection with hepatitis B or hepatitis C. If you have not been able to take down liquids or you have large amounts of nausea or vomiting, the electrolytes from your blood will be out of balance and this is why the blood chemistry must be checked to fairly determine infection or not.

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