Cellulite is not taboo for ladies from all over the world, but the definitive treatment of this issue raises many question marks. We now know that almost all women faced this problem, that cellulite occurs after age 16, and that 90% of women are concerned about the aesthetic problems associated with skin damage, but also the psychological consequences which it involves, at different levels.

According to cosmetologists all woman face the risk of developing cellulite .

There are many explanations that tell us why certain parts of the body get the appearance of “orange peel”, and too few remedies recommended. Despite the fact that cellulite is often accompanied by overweight, this is not the first cause of this disorder, because there are women who have a normal weight but lots of cellulite.

The most effective treatment against cellulite has to start with adopting a healthy and balanced diet that will supply the body with nutrients needed to maintain skin elasticity, and helps in weight loss.

Also, there are a few other methods that can help you eliminate cellulite:

1. Massage with sea salt

This process helps to strengthen connective tissue in areas with cellulite. Massage with sea salt can be done in the shower, after which the entire body is rinsed with water. Finally, use a moisturizer or wipe with a few slices of fresh cucumber.

2. Physical activity

To eliminate fat deposits, water accumulation in tissues and lymph circulation stagnation, you should workout 2-3 times a week : cycling, swimming, jogging or walking are effective activities in combating cellulite. Of course, fitness exercises or aerobics are also very effective.

3. Diet

Reduce as much as possible the consumption of animal fats. Opt for foods cooked, grilled or baked and do not eat many sweets.

4. Anticellulite massage

This procedure simply “cuts” the fat in tissues affected by cellulite. Essential oils and special lotions designed to help eliminate cellulite can be used for massage

5. Packing clay and chamomile

Special wrappings increase skin elasticity and prevent inflammation. Mix the clay powder with warm chamomile extract and mix until the paste becomes softer. Then, the areas affected by cellulite are covered with the paste, let it dry and after 20 minutes remove it with warm water.

6. Cocktail that burns fat

The drink is made from skim milk plus strawberries and blueberries. In general, berries smooths adipose tissue, strengthens connective tissue, improves digestion.

7. Cabbage

Any healthy diet should include cabbage, because it helps burn fat and eliminate toxins from the body, helping to treat cellulite.

8. Dry massage

These techniques should become as common as oral hygiene.

Dry massage techniques:

a. comfort massage – it is done with the entire surface of the fingers or palm. The movements are long line and all point toward the chest.

b. massage – is done with the fingers and less frequently with all your palm. Movements can be slow, deep, to facilitate muscle relaxation and eliminate tension and contraction, or fast and energetic, helping to eliminate toxins and water from tissues.

c. kneading – is performed after a preliminary heating of the tissue with massage movements described above.

d. bites – also will be performed after the tissue was heated in advance. Will pinch areas affected by cellulite without provoking any pain or bruises.

9. Seaweed wrapping

Some seaweed help to eliminate toxins from areas affected by cellulite, improving the effect of “orange peel”. They also enhance the effects of active substances, helping to treat cellulite, and general beautification of the skin.

10. Walking outdoors

If you spend a lot of time sitting, blood circulation becomes poor, because the acids lead to impaired metabolism. So find time for walking because it is extremely effective!

11. Replace sugar with fruit

Cakes, candies and other sweets contain sugar; fruit can be used to remove the sugar. They improve digestion and metabolism.

12. Secrets of the shower

Alternating hot water to shower with cold water stimulates the skin toning, improving blood flow through the tissue. The shower stream should be directed to from the feet to the heart.

13. Silicic acid

This substance prevents fat, eliminating the appearance of “orange peel”.

14. Pinching

It is proven that this type of massage fights cellulite! Under this procedure different parts of the body are flushed, become warm, which means blood flow increased. After the massage it is recommended to apply a moisturizer.

15. Potatoes

Maybe you did not know, but potatoes help keep skin elasticity, because they contain potassium which helps eliminate fluid and toxins from the body.

The effect will not be similar if you eat french fries or chips.

16. Vitamin C

To strengthen and increase elasticity of the connective tissue the body needs vitamin C. It is recommended to consume daily 50 g red pepper, black currant 50 g or 25 g dried fruit to cover the required daily dose of vitamins.

17. Uniformity of fat deposits

Patchy fat deposits can be alleviated by reducing the local hydration. Birch leaf tincture helps eliminate toxins from the body;it is indicated between meals to drink a cup of tea from birch extracts. They can also be used as diuretics. The maximum duration of the diet should not exceed four weeks.

18. Onions – the enemy of fat

This vegetable is rich in iron, magnesium and calcium – substances that “clean” fat. In addition, onions contain essential oils that help improve digestion.

19. Regular bowel activity

Regular activity is essential for improving the intestinal metabolism. Avoid constipation with iron-rich food, daily walks, but also by drinking water regularly.

20. Fight against stress

When a person goes through a period of emotional stress or anxiety body responds by excessive oxidative reactions. As a result, biochemical processes are disrupted. Therefore stress leads to the appearance of cellulite.

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