What should you eat to lose weight

Every day a new revolutionary diet seems to be emerging, designed to help you lose weight fast and healthy. When, however, these miraculous diets have rules that collide, you become a little confused. How should you eat, after all? Some tips we offer you checked!



Avoid corn syrup

Fructose corn syrup is one of the ingredients contained in juices, among others products. And diets claim the elimination of juices found on the market from our daily alimentation. Why? Because studies on juice sweetened with corn syrup high in fructose have indicated that they make you gain much more weight than regular juice sweetened with with sugar, even when they contain about the same numbers of calories! Therefore, avoid corn syrup you find in sodas, many cereals, canned fruits, desserts, jams and marmalades.

2. Junk food addiction

It is clear that when you start a diet, you have to give up sweets and other snacks, like chips. And rightly so, since they are addictive! Studies on this subject have shown that this type of junk food can be addictive, like drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. Therefore, try to eliminate as much as you can of this type of food from your diet.

3. Content of breakfast is very important

If all nutritionists say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, not all agree on what it should contain. Studies have revealed that a high protein breakfast (eggs and toast) is more effective than one rich in carbohydrates (one slice of bread with cream cheese and yogurt diet). Thus, those who tend to eat protein at breakfast will feel less hungry at lunch, compared with those who prefer carbohydrates for the first meal of the day.

Therefore, your breakfast should include protein-rich foods such as tuna, chicken or pork. Avoid, however, prefabricated protein supplements.

4. Natural food for a low glycemic index

To maintain a low glycemic index it is important to eat more fruits and vegetables in their natural state. A low glycemic index help you keep your health, and weight loss. Eliminating prefabricated food will keep your blood sugar level constant and you can lose weight in a healthy way.

5. Change Your Environment

In other words, make small changes: replacing large bowls with some small, hide junk food and chocolate, remove all temptations of your visual range. Thus, it will be easier to follow a diet, just suggesting you, simply eat less, or eat your favorite fruit instead of sweets to give up chocolate and french fries. If you manage to apply the changes, then the results will not delay to come! One of the diets that involves such changes is Californian diet.

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