What is your ideal weight?

When you are overweight, experts suggest that even of you lose just 10% of your body weight it will cause a myriad of health benefits, lower blood cholesterol, blood pressure and a much lowers blood sugar that will minimize the risk of a heart disease and in comparison with very hard diets that will have a yin – yang effect on your body ( lose a lot of weight in a very small amount of time and after that because of the stress of your body you may gain even more then initially started) this type of loss weight will be easier to succeed and maintain, being a win-win situation on a long term. As your body temperature is programmed by your system to stay in a range of 98.6 degrees, the weight that your body will have will have a norm that will stay around 10%-20% more or less then an ideal weight, states Dr.

Thomas Wadden, the Director at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School.

This kind of weight range has been named as the ‘set point’. Your weight will be kept within this range with the help of a complex set of chemicals, hormones and hunger signals that your body will send to your brain, informs us Dawn Jackson Blatner, the spokeswoman for American Dietetic Association. At the same time your exercise and eating habits will determine this clear set point, not being all a matter of genetics.

It is much more easier to increase your set point than to lower it and overeating will clash with the internal regulatory system and will result in an higher set point, the body readjusting to this higher number and will ‘push’ the reset button in defending the new gain weight. This is why it is easier to gain some extra pounds than to lose them. The solution that experts have suggested in your battle with weight loss will be to try to lose a minimum 10% of your weight and then try to keep that new weight as a your new set point for at least six months in ‘resetting’ your body to the new score point. They stated that hard dieting and losing large amounts of weight in a very short period of time will lead to an internal struggle, making you even hungrier than your were initially on a daily basis as your body tries to defend its comfortable range.

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