Urinary Tract Infections During Pregnancy

Cystitis or urinary tract infection is very common among young women between 20 and 50 years old. This condition gives a frequent urge to urinate and burns. This condition is caused bi bacteria located on the skin , in the vagina , that enter the urethra and travel upstream.
The most common final stop is the bladder. But the bacteria can also infect one of the kidneys. This is one of the most commons medical complication of pregnancy. Also this infection can be life-threatening if it spreads all over the body.

The most common bacteria that causes urinary tract infections is Escherichia coli and pregnant women should be tested and in case of a positive result, treated with antibiotics such as nitrofurantoin, or cephalexin.

It’s not sure that pregnant women are more prone to urinary tract infections but pregnancy increases the risk of having a kidney infected . This has a scientific reason : the higher levels of progesterone cause the ureters to dilate and the flow of urine to slow. Also becomes more difficult to empty the bladder and it becomes more prone to reflux- some urine flows back up to the kidneys . In this way the bacteria has more time to multiply . The common symptoms of a bladder infection are pelvic discomfort, burning when urinating and possibly during sexual intercourse, uncontrollable urge to pee even when there’s very little urine in the bladder. Here is place for some confusion because during pregnancy the urge to pee is normal and is hard to tell if you have cystitis.

When you have a kidney infection the symptoms are : pain in your lower back, nausea, high fever . Blood in urine can also be noticed .

If a pregnant woman has asymptomatic bacteriuria, with the good treatment there will not be serious problems . In order to find out for sure, the urine will be tested twice once before the treatment and once after.

If you develop a bladder infection during your pregnancy, yo will also be treated with antibiotics and what matters is that you take entire course of pills in order to get rid of the bacteria .

In case of kidney infection during pregnancy, you and the baby will be closely monitored. You will take intravenous fluid and antibiotics.

Here are some tips in order to avoid getting a urinary tract infection. You should drink water, wipe yourself from front to back to prevent bacteria from getting near the urethra, clean your genital area and pee before and after sexual intercourse, avoid feminine hygiene products, try to empty your bladder completely when you urinate, drink cranberry juice.

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