Swine flu , H1N1

Swine flu is a new type of flue that appeared in 2009 and even though jugging by the name one may think differently, the flue is only human. The disease got this name because the virus initially came from pigs directly to humans. It is also called H1N1 type A influenza or quadruple assortant H1N1 and it is a mix between human genes, pig genes and birds genes.
In general people have no immunity in face of this virus because the usual vaccine for flue is not helping in this situation. The ones that had H1N1 before in 1957 might have a little immunity.

The symptoms of swine flu are very much like the ones of normal flu. They include sore throat, runny aches, fatigue different body aches, fever, cough . Because the symptoms are very common a test is needed in order to know if a person has swine flu. The accuracy of the test result depends on the quality of the product . Only in laboratory can be determined for sure if someone has swine flu or not .

Like in any other disease, in this case too are some risk factors that will make the patients have some serious problems if they get the flue. Pregnant women are more likely to get the swine flu and to have complications, children under 2 years old also . People with blood disorders, including sickle cell disease or people with liver and kidney problems are prone to have a bad outcome if they get the flue . The ones with HIV or that take anti-rejection drugs for transpalnts are in the same situation . Statistics show that obesity can also be a risk factor.


Exposure (being near a person who has swine flu) is not compulsory to lead to illness. But to be on the safe side, especially if a person has asthma, diabetes, neurological disease or presents other risk factors mentioned above it’s better to check a doctor’s opinion. If adults have pain in the chest, difficulty in breathing, dizziness and confusion, then they need urgent medical attention. In children situation a doctor is needed if they have gray skin color, are not waking up, have fever and a rash.

In order to prevent the infection with swine flu is recommended to wash your hands frequently with water and soap, wear a face mask when interacting with a sick person, avoid touching your face, don’t breast feed babies . Another important thing is to stay informed and try to find solutions before having a real problem . And of course : don’t panic.

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