Sunburn Relief

Sunburns occur when the protective skin pigment called melanin, is unable to cope with excessive exposure to sunlight.

Treatment varies depending on the degree of the burns. You can use sunburn relief body lotions.

There are special sprays and foams, which relieve the burning sensation of tissue and hasten prurit.

Skin creams, aloe leaves, cucumber and mint tea are some ways to combat irritation.

Treatment with aloe and yogurt

Depending on the severity of sunburns, patients may turn to specialized treatment or a natural treatment of sunburns. Some natural remedies on hand include aloe leaf, baking powder, cucumber, mint tea, yogurt, ice and liquids.

Aloe leaf from the refrigerator is applied on freshly cleaned sunburned skin and surface. Aloe leaf contains a cold gel that helps to relieve pain, keeping skin hydrated.

Baking powder. Place a teaspoon of baking powder in a tub filled with warm water. It moisturizes the skin and soothes the pain and swelling.

Cucumber helps soothe red skin and swelling. Apply slices directly on affected skin area.

Mint tea, applied with on the skin, helps speed up skin healing.

Yogurt contains active cultures of bacteria that help remove the appearance of red skin and reduces pain.

Apply ice directly on the sunburned area to relieve burning.

Liquids are necessary to avoid dehydration.

Dermatologists do not recommend the use of creams for burns of IInd and IIIrd because although they help restore the skin, the surface needs astringent solutions.

For correct treatment of sunburn is necessary to know the exactly the state of degradation of the skin.

In the less serious degrees of burn, erythema and flushing occur, followed by itch and intolerance to sun. Next step is the emergence of bubbles with liquid. The most extreme case of sunburn can cause deep tissue destruction.

Because most people want to get tanned in a short time, most of them choose to stay at the beach until the skin turns red. Red skin is actually first degree sunburn. This creates discomfort and is common in patients from the early days of summer.

Depending on the severity of burn patients may turn to specialized treatment or a natural treatment. Thus, doctors recommend when burning is light and skin t is red, to treat sunburn with cold water compresses to relieve discomfort. Compresses are applied daily for 10-15 minutes, three times a day. Cold yogurt has the same effect on the skin, in addition, it hydrates. Yogurt contains active cultures of bacteria that help remove the appearance of red skin and reduce pain.

Aloe Vera leaves are another remedy. Removed from the refrigerator, they peel and clean the surface of sunburned skin.

Burns lead to skin dehydration

Doctors recommend people who have been exposed to too much sun to drink water and eat fruits and vegetables, as sunburn leads to skin dehydration. Thus, skin elasticity needs aliments rich in water, such as red or yellow watermelon, oranges and lemons.

Doctors also recommend anti-inflammatory lotions, cortisone-based, which aim to reduce the discomfort caused by sunburn. Pharmaceutical sprays and foams solutions are specific for this type of burn, all with beneficial effect on skin.

When blisters appear on the patient’s skin, burns become a health problem, not just an aesthetic one. The patient should be careful because when the blisters risk infection.

In addition, depending on the severity of the burn, patients can use lotions that contain antibiotics to prevent infection.

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