Pelvic Fracture

There are two types of classification one according to Tile’s classification depending on whether the sacroiliac complex is affected or not and the other according to Young which takes into consideration the mechanism of injury.

In diagnosis will be taken into consideration race, age, type of blow or impact. In terms of age, in patients over 40 with the level of osteoporosis is high.

Thus, a less intense trauma produces more severe pelvic fracture than a young man. In the young ones cases minor pelvic fractures may be accompanied by serious soft tissue destructions.

In young males high incidence of sexual impotence installed post-operatively was reported. In females the vagina may be affected. The objective examination of the patient is as important as the radiology. The best way to see the pelvis and its anatomy is the computed tomography. In many cases it has replaced the radiology. Doctors also use ultrasonography in search for intrapelvic fluid and urethrography when the patient has prostate.

Urethral bleeding in men suggests a rupture of the urethra and in female vaginal bleeding suggests a hidden open pelvic fracture. That’s why full clinical assessment includes examination of the rectum and vagina. Pelvic travels also show the seriousness of injury and the mechanism of the accident. The palpation is also an important step in diagnose. Neurological examination is also very important because nerve roots may be damaged.

The key word in treating this condition is: speed! Everything has to be done fast because in most of cases this is a medical emergency. When someone has just suffered an accident the excessive movements of the pelvis are forbidden and the vital signs always have to be monitored. The next step is to stabilize the pelvis before the muscular blockage. If the patient suffers from obesity taping the knees and rotate the extremities may be helpful. After this medication to release the pain are needed .

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