Nuclear Radiation effects in Japan

here is impossibility in escaping radiation exposure if one does not have a special nuclear and biological warfare protective equipment. By now the radiation levels in Japan are at the mid level and authorities have stated that it will be unlikely that any health risk will occur and that the radiation level will need to increase about 1000 times from its present level for any alarms to be pressed. Although the state has ensured that everything will be fine and that there are no risks to human life, scientists disagree stating that this will threaten a target group: future children of Japan.

If a full-blown nuclear meltdown should occur it will be most devastating especially for the pregnant women and their future unborn children leading to a generation of people born with various maladies from mental retardation to congenital malformation.

According to the Centers of Diseases Control and Prevention, even at such low risk levels of radiation there can be health consequences for a fetus especially during the stage of organogenesis, the 9-42 days, which is a crucial period of development of the lungs, heart and brain. The Associate Chief of Research at the Radiation Effects Research Foundation in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Dr Evan Douple, states that ionizing radiation will for sure cause DNA damage, threatening the cell division which in terms is essential for a healthy development of the essential organs but at the same time the public is calmed down with the thought that such an extreme exposure has not yet taken place.

However the exact amount of radiation levels is still currently unknown in Japan and the state assures that there are teams working around the clock to determine and cease the exposure so that a minim dosage of radiation will be freed. Up to 150,000 people have already been evacuated within the 30 kilometer radius of the reactor and pregnant women have been encouraged to stay put into the shelters especially made for them thus avoiding contact in contamination by inhaling or ingesting radionuclides.

Nowadays the situation in Japan has been marked as an extreme humanitarian crisis and the effects of the whole catastrophes are yet to be fully known.

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