Miscarriage is the word that most of new mums avoid to pronounce. Unfortunately, statistic show that from 10-25% of all clinically recognized pregnancies will end in miscarriage. Sometimes a woman faces a miscarriage before she even finds out that she is pregnant .
This occurs when a pregnancy is lost by bleeding shortly after implantation.

In most of the cases pregnancy is a very good news, but because of the the great number of recognized miscarriages that occur, it’s important to be informed about this topic.

How can you avoid a miscarriage, well you can’t. Most often the cause for a miscarriage cannot be identify . The reasons for a miscarriage include : maternal age, lifestyle : smoking, drug use, exposure to radiation, hormonal problems, infections.

Apart from spontaneous miscarriage, pregnancy loss forms include : blighted ovum(when at conception the embryo fails to develop and the pregnancy consists of an empty sac. The mother will experience vaginal bleeding and an ultrasound scan will set the diagnosis.), ectopic pregnancy(), molar pregnancy(instead of a fetus, a mass of grape-like vesicles form and proliferate in the womb. The woman will feel pregnancy symptoms such as nausea but in an exaggerated way. The diagnosis is confirmed by an ultrasound scan ).

You can calculate the chances of having a miscarriage depending on age . An increase in maternal age affects the chances of miscarriage. For women under 35 years old, the chances are about 15%, women over 45 can have up to 50%. Another important thing is that A woman who has had a previous miscarriage has a 25% chance of having another.

There are some warnings signed of a miscarriage like : true contractions, weight loss ,severe back pain, tissue with clot like material passing from the vagina.

It is true that you can not avoid a miscarriage, but sometimes prevention can do miracles. There are some methods of prevention that any new mum should know. One important step is to get as healthy as possible. You should eat health, forget about stress, exercise a lot, take folic acid daily, do not smoke, keep your weight within normal limits. Once you find out that you are pregnant you should keep your abdomen safe, avoid radiation, eliminate caffeine, check with a doctor before taking any pills, do not drink alcohol.

The treatment of a miscarriage includes 2 parts. The first one deals with avoiding infection. If the body does not expel all the tissue , then the procedure performed will be curettage, known as a D&C. To help control bleeding after this procedure drugs may be prescribed .The second step in the treatment of a miscarriage is the emotional treatment.

Dealing with a miscarriage is very difficult and sometimes unanswered questions are left regarding physical recovery and trying to conceive again. In this situation communication and love is very important. A women should have her family’s support and love and if is necessary, the advice of a psychologist.

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