Miscarriage, abortion

There are 2 causes for a pregnancy to end . The first one is when a spontaneous miscarriage occurs and the second one is called an elective abortion – a pregnancy termination that a woman chooses to have. The reasons for a choice like this are very different and complicated and the rules depend on the country .
For instance in the United States, the abortion is legal during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. After that the legality of the procedure is established by each state .

There are 2 types of elective abortion but in both of them the first step is dilatation of the cervix. The first type is the medical one and it consist in using some drugs for some days, or weeks. The fetus will be aborted relatively quickly. In rare cases the drugs don’t eliminate the fetus and the woman may need a surgical abortion. The second type is the surgical abortion- the fetus is physically removed from the womb. Among the surgical types are included the use of an vacuum device that sucks the fetus piece by piece. It can also be used an electric vacuum or a syringe. Another type is called curettage- the fetus is scraped out of the womb using a tool called curette. Even though both methods are considered safe, the curettage is recommended.

Before doing an abortion the doctor will confirm the age of the fetus, he will also determine the woman Rh factor and will do some tests for sexually transmitted diseases .

After an abortion, a woman has to be watched for a short time to see if her blood pressure and bleeding are stable. If she has the Rh negative she should be given a shot of Rh immune globulin. This will not be done if the father also has Rh negative.

There are some important steps in home care that a woman should follow . She should call the doctor for any new symptoms like abdominal distress, fever, vaginal bleeding , she should avoid having sex for 2 weeks and avoid tampons. After an abortion, some women have depressions and they may need the advice of a psychologist. If after an abortion a woman has no problems than she would normally get pregnant later in her life .

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