Lumbar Spondylosis

Lumbar spondylosis segments reduces the ability to move normally of the segments involved. The compression of nerves in the spinal canal or out of it leads to pain, numbness or weakness in legs, bowel and bladder. Sometimes because of lumbar spondylosis abnormal body weight can appear .

Occasionally these degenerative changes can produce spinal instability.

Lumbar spondylosis appears to be related with the phenomenon of aging. Research shows no relationship between lifestyle, weight, physical activity(though the effect of physical activity may be rise controversies),and alcohol consumption. The extra weight is seen as a risk factor in some populations.

Because back pain is infrequent in lumbar spondylosis it is felt the need to seek another diagnosis for this. Is very important to not consider that the back pain is caused by osteophytosis and to look for the real cause of the problem. Medication is not indicated in the absence of complications.

Surgical excision is performed for the sciatica that does not pass after 2 days of bed rest. Anti-inflammatory drugs without steroids are the main therapy. They are effective by reducing the biological effects of inflammation and pain. Their management should be monitored for adverse effects like gastropathy, renal toxicity, hypertension, liver disorders and hemorrhage. Tricyclic antidepressants are indicated for patients who experience chronic pain. Common side effects include dry mouth, sedation, urinary retention, constipation, cardiac conduction block.

Physical therapy is also indicated and it includes aerobic exercise, muscle stretching. Significant variation in the intensity and frequency of exercise depends on the condition of the patient.

There are some complications that may appear when someone suffers from lumbar spondylosis. For instance nerve compression, pinal stenosis, or aortic aneurysm. Also rare cases of the duodenum being pressed by L4 were reported.

Morbidity is not related with lumbar spondylosis. The patient may have a normal life, if the illness is not ignored and treated as it should be.

Sometimes this illness is named incorrectly : osteoarthritis or hypertrophic arthritis, or spondylitis which is a different condition. And nevertheless, this is not a degenerative joint disease either.

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