Low Back Pain – Treatment

Henrik Weber wanted to define the lines that would make the characteristics of both methods more explicit and drafted up a study that was made on patients that had confirmed disk herniation and sciatica and divided them into two groups: the nonoperative treatment group and the operative treatment group. He discovered far greater results in the group that was surgically treated within the one year follow up from the surgery but in time there was no difference when coming in comparison the nonoperative treatment and the operative treatment, in period of four to ten years.

At the same time another studies was conducted on the very same topic the conclusions and results were quite similar in both studies, leaving to the knowledge that for a far greater and faster improvement the surgical way is to go if the symptoms of the patient are severe due to the great amount of pain that the patient will be having and at the very same time there will be an overall satisfaction with the whole procedure, being fast and simple if administrated by specialists.

There is a recent trial named Spinal Patient Outcomes Research Trial (SPORT) that has as a goal to clarify for once and for all which one of the method is the most advised and to clearly underline in an objective form the lacks from both processes. By now with all the data analyzed there is no actual difference within four years after the actual intervention, operative or nonoperative but in the case of disk herniation there has been a far important conclusion made and that is the surgery led to a far more rapid improvement in the intervertebral disk herniation thus the recommended option would be the nonoperative treatment. Also for spondylolisthesis there is an average of two up to for years in which the results will be more obvious than in the case of an operative treatment.

It will solely depend on the gravity of the patient’s state. This will apply in the case of spinal stenosis, showing an improvement in a two year follow up after the surgery. When it comes to talk about cost effectively the surgical method will be always higher because it will involve more persons and at the very same time it is more risky to say at the least. Some lumbar disk herniations operations will cost about 70000$ and there are several life plans that you can make if you cannot afford this but you must keep in mind the fact that if you ever feel something that does not feel comfortable within your body you should check the doctor immediately because prevention will be the best helping tool in fighting with any illness.

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