Loratadine - oral, Claritin

BRAND NAME(S): Claritin

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Loratadine is used in the treatment symptoms of allergies on the eye and nose level. It can also alleviate itching and sneezing, but it is not as strong to be used in case of anaphilactic shock. Therefore, epinephrine, the main medication in case of severe allergy reaction, is not to be replaced with loratadine.



This medicine can be self-administrated, but it is essential to follow the directions and to consult a medic if the symptoms do not ameliorate after three days. The dosage is very important also, as it may affect the final result: this medicine is administrated according to the patient’s age, symptoms and response to treatment.



Although rare, side effects can occur: rash, swelling, dizziness and others. It is adviced to contact a medical doctor if any of these symptoms appear, or even others.



 If the patient has allergies or sufferes from liver or kidney disease, he/ she must inform the doctor or pharmacist, before administrating loratadine. If the right dosage is followed, taking loratadine will not cause dizziness, but operating heavy machinery is not recommended as it reduces alertness.

Before taking loratadine it is adviced to consult a doctor: if used to treat hives, if administrated to elderly patients, if aspartame intake is restricted (chewable tablets contain aspartame) or if pregnant, as it passes into the breast milk. Depending on the patient and his or her medical conditions, there are certain risks and benefits of this medicine.


 The patient has to inform the medic or the pharmacist if he or she is taking any other drugs before taking loratadine. The treatment has to be closely monitored by a medic if the patient has to undergo a series of allergy tests, as loratadine can influence the results.



 Overdose manifests itself through powerful dizziness. If such a symptom occurs, the patient has to contact an emergency service immediately. US National Poison Hotline: 1-800-222-1222.



 If taken under a prescription, a patient is not to share the medication with others, as drug administration has to be closely followed by a doctor. If not taken on time, do not double the next dose of loratadine to recover for the missed one. The medication is to be stored following the indications on the package, as different storage factors can influence the effects of the medication. When no longer needed, dispose of it properly, not into the environment or sewage system.

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