Local Anesthesia

This type of new anesthetic technique will enable the patient to undertake a complex and lengthy procedure as an outpatient and then safely and promptly be discharged home. Depending solely on the patient’s history with anesthesia and on what type of procedure that person will undergo will determine the route and choice of the anesthesia administration and after the operation and upon discharging, if the patient will be fully alert, have no vomiting or nausea symptoms and will have minimal pain than we could say that the surgical experience was a great one for both parts included, medical and patient wise. Local anesthetic infiltration or better known as nerve blocks when combined with intravenous sedation will lead to monitored anesthesia care, known also as MAC.

In certain procedures as liposuction, blepharoplasty, facelift or otoplasty are just a few of the operations that will be performed under monitored anesthesia care. The patients that will have this type of anesthesia will have a minimum side effect from the intervention in comparison with the general anesthesia that can have several side effects like vomiting, nausea and striking pains, depending solely on the type of the operation and at the very same time the patient will have the opportunity to be discharged home that very same day, quickly and safely, if after that specific intervention he or she will e fully alert and will not show worrisome signs of side effects.

There are also some disadvantages to monitored anesthesia care. The threat of obstruction or aspiration or the lack of airway control could lead to some unwanted incidents but the chances of this happening although are very slim, still exist. To decrease these risks, the anesthesia personnel must divide the medications in a matter that will leave the possibility of the spontaneous respirations of the patients to exist within the operation at the same time maintaining the depth of the anesthesia, leaving the patient comfortable and numb.

This selection of medications is quintessential in producing the wanted and optimal intra-operative effect and at the same time have positive postoperative results. The local anesthesia will encompass tumescent techniques, infiltration of the operative site and nerve blocks, this being catalogued as minor if only one nerve will be affected and major if more than one nerve shall be affected within the process. This process will be developed with the help of amino amides class and will include substances as bupuvacaine, lidocaine, mepivacaine, prilocaine and etidocaine. The duration and potency of these agents vary from one to another also depending on the amount that will be induced within the body.

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