Hypertension is a very common illeness among adult people but a lot of them live with it without knowing that they have a blood pressure problem. This happens because very often, high blood pressure has is asymptomatic.

Among the symptoms that may appear are dizziness, nose bleeding, headaches, but they occur when the blood pressure has reached a really a high level.

In order to avoid problems is indicated that after the age of 20, at every 2 years persons should take a medical check and find out information about their blood pressure.

Children may also suffer from this condition because of bad diet, lack of exercise, or kidney or heart problems.

It is important to have your blood pressure checked because hypertension may cause a lot of complications, some of them can even put the life in danger.

One of the most serious complication that can appear is the heart attack because of the harden arteries made by high blood pressure. The muscle, tired by all that pumping against the higher pressure can make the heart to fail. Another serious condition that may develop because of hypertension is aneurysm formed by the weaken blood vessels. If the aneurysm ruptures, the life of the patient may be in danger .

When a person suffers from high or uncontrolled blood pressure, it may have problem concentrating, remembering things or learning. Another serious problem is vision lost because of the narrowed or torn blood vessels in the eyes.

People that suffer from hypertension may have low high-density lipoprotein, high insulin levels, or increased waist circumference. These are present due to the metabolic syndrome that represents problems of the body’s metabolism.

Kidneys are also affected by high blood pressure. They can have problems in normal functioning because of the narrowed blood vessels that reach them.

In the majority of cases in which hypertension is certain, the blood pressure will increase in time and along with ageing. That’s why the patients have to be educated how to live with this condition and how to change their lifestyle in such a way that the blood pressure will be under control .

In order to set the diagnosis, a good measurement of blood pressure is needed. The patient has to rest 5 minutes before the measurement. Is better to measure the pressure in both position : sitting and supine . Also, an cardiac examination is done, searching signs of LVH, like an enlarged apical impulse.

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