Hair laser removal

Laser hair removal – sounds good, gives good results but it is indeed a safe? What do we need to know before deciding to go through with it?

Everyone who is thinking to opt for this procedure has a lot of questions about it in mind.

Laser hair removal, as the name says, is a method by which laser beams penetrate through the skin and makes hair follicle to grow very slow or never grow again. Thermal reaction destroys the hair root and does not allow it to regenerate, because the hair removal is permanent.

Therefore, if you have sensitive skin you need a thorough check to the doctor to determine what type of laser to be used. For people with not very sensitive skin, side effects were just a little redness of the skin in the place where treatment was done, something like sunburn on the skin. Therefore, you must be careful with the hair to be removed, and adhere to safety standards regarding hair laser removal.

Take note that hair removal by laser is designed for men and women as well and the same treatment is indicated for both, but technical specifications can be different. The sex of the patient is generally not a cause for adverse effects.

Another important factor that determines the effects of laser therapy is skin color on which the laser is used. This is a fundamental element to know what kind of laser to use and at what intensity in order to keep it safe.

Usually, if you have darker skin, laser treatment will have no effect in removing the hair but instead may cause skin discoloration and blistering. However, a proper clinical check can guide you to the perfect type of laser hair removal treatment that will get the job done in the true sense and will leave a smile on your face, not blisters.

Today several methods of permanent hair removal are available; laser hair removal system category including the most advanced laser for hair removal: Intense Pulse Light technology, also known as IPL, Electrolysis. These treatments are slick, fast, efficient and hardly leave a mark, as though there was never hair in the specific area.

Method of laser hair removal or electrolysis are regarded as the only permanent hair removal solutions. Even so, hair can however appear sporadically in very small amounts in the areas which were exposed to laser hair removal, but this depend from person to person.

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