Give up smoking or How to quit

Best advices that have been proven useful if you want to give up smoking:


  • Make up your mind to quit smoking and respect your decision. When smokers decide to quit they are not determined enough and just go ahead and try quitting. The first step is convincing yourself that you want to live for the rest of your life without cigarettes.


  • Determine the strongest habits that make you smoke. For some is going out with friends, the early coffee in the morning or just feeling bored. Since you don’t want to change all your every day life just to quit, you can make a list of the things that make you smoke.


  • Before totally quitting try to eliminate the strongest triggers that make you smoke. Most importantly try to eliminate just the smoking out of these activities. You cant assume, you won’t go on a break anymore, just without smoking from now on.


  • Convince yourself that you are not a smoker. Telling yourself and others around you that you are not a smoker anymore will help you out, especially in situations in which you try to find a reason not to light “only one”.


  • Get support from family and friends. Tell them you quit smoking and you’ll get well deserved help. Some of the smokers will avoid smoking around you, and the non smokers will have to understand the effort you are put through.


  • Quitting a strong addiction like nicotine and the habit of smoking is not only for strong personalities. If you feel dominated by it, request help from specialists. Talk to your doctor or one of the thousands of anti smoking activists and organizations.


  • After every success do not lose hard gained ground. Be determined and once you are smoke free and nicotine free don’t make any exceptions that would take you back to the starting point.
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