Fexofenadine - allergy symptoms


19in;" align="JUSTIFY">Fexofenadine is a medicine that alleviates allergy symptoms and nettle rash. Most commonly, it is administrated once a day, or as the doctor recommends. Its effects may be reduced if taken with fruit juice and also if the patient takes antiacids the medicine is to be administrated under close observation and advice from a medic or pharmacist, and the dosage will be correlated with the body’s response to the treatment.


Adverse reactions

 Sometimes a number of side effects may occur, like digestive problems, fever, cough, or even dizziness, and the doctor must be alerted if they last for a long time or they worsen. If the reaction is severe, immediately alert a medic (breathing problems, inflammations).



 It is very important not to take this medication if you are allergic to it, so inform your doctor beforehand. Also keep in mind that fexofenadine is a antihistaminic, so also inform your doctor about any relevant medical history, kidney or liver disease. This medication will be administred with caution in case of pregnancy if really needed, but it is unknown if the chemical can reach the infant from the mother’s milk.


 Fexofenadine interacts with other antihistamines, aluminium and magnesium. These interactions can lead to adverse reactions. The safest way to proceed is to tell the doctor all the other medications you are taking at the moment and ask if you need to undergo a new treatment while taking fexofenadine or read the labels for information on interactions. Do not modify the administered of prescribed dosage unless advised by a medic.



 Taking too much fexofenadine can cause severe dizziness and drowsiness. If this happens, contact poison control or call an ambulance immediately. Do not recommend, give or administer this medicine to other people.



 If you fail to take the medicine according to the prescribed schedule, do not double the dose to recover the loss, continue with the prescribed schedule and dosage.



 Store the medicine according to the requirements on the package, in dry places, away from heat, light and keep away from pets and children. Do not use after the expiration date and do not discard of it in the environment.

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