Fever is a common condition, every person will experience at least once in their life . The normal body temperature is about 37, 2 C; 99 F(rectal measurement ) or 37 C (oral measurement) or 98,6 F. Any body temperature above this parameters is considered fever .
What needs to be mentioned is that the body temperature is prone to change during the day with about 0.6 C; 1 F. In order to consider fever a threat and to treat it medically the body temperature needs to be above 38 C or 100.4 F. Because bacteria cannot resist a high temperature, fever is the body’s way to cope if infections or other diseases. Fever is common in combination with cough, fatigue, chills, nausea, other pains, sore throat. If a high fever is not treated properly it can end in convulsions or delirium .

There are many ways of measuring body temperature. Doctors don’t recommend the use of mercury thermometers because of the possible accidents that may occur . Mercury is very toxic. Digital thermometers are better and they can measure rectal, axillary or oral temperatures. Though is preferred in household to measure the body temperature axillary, this type of measurement is not as accurate as the rectal or oral ones. The difference between them is about 1 degree. In this type of measurement the tip is placed under the armpit and left there for a minute .

The tympanic thermometers may be used also but it’s important to not use to much earwax. This type of measurement is accurate only for children after 3 years old.

If the patient has over 4 years old, his body temperature can be measured orally. The thermometer should remain in mouth for about one minute .

It’s not wise to treat fever without medical advise. At home can be used some medication that are able to reduce the temperature but it’s safe to have the medical prescription in order to know the proper dose . Ibuprofen is a common treatment that can be used in patients starting over 6 months of age . Another example is Acetaminophen .

Aspirin it’s forbidden to be used in children or adolescents when they have fever. The use of Aspirin can cause Ray syndrome that may lead to vomiting, liver failure, confusion and even coma.

A person with a fever must be dressed normal (not overdressed ) and kept in bed . As a home treatment tepid baths are good . To take a bath in ice water is very dangerous.

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