Female sexual dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction refers to problems related to sexual desire or response that negatively influence a person’s relationship.

It is a common problem among women, that can be permanent or temporary.


Female sexual dysfunction can occur at any age, still, hormone level plays a big part.

Essential moments in a women’s life in which hormones play an important role are giving birth to a baby and menopause. Also, severe illnesses can influence sexual life (cardiovascular disease or cancer).

The main indicators of female sexual dysfunction are: low or little sexual desire, lack or weak arousal, absence of orgasm, painful sexual contact.

These problems can be a major concern for a person, as they lead to stress, general discomfort and frustration; in this case, a visit to a doctor is highly recommended.

Physical causes

Some illnesses or treatments can take a big toll on a person’s sexual life. Arthritis, different intestinal or urinary problems, surgery, headaches, migraines can lead to symptoms of sexual dysfunction in women.

Also, this problem can have a hormonal origin, the main culprit being a low level of estrogen, that can lead to a series of changes in the genital tissue area.

Psychological and social causes

Female sexual dysfunction can be also caused by anxiety, depression or stress. If a person has experienced some kind of trauma – or sexual related trauma – sexual female dysfunction could be strongly tied to it. The social environment, sometimes dominated by religion or customs can also influence the manifestation of this dysfunction.

Women who suffer from the following health problems may present a higher risk of also suffering from sexual dysfunction: cardiovascular disease, failure of the liver or kidney, high blood pressure, neurologic conditions.


Treating this condition is closely related to the person’s lifestyle, emotional condition, therapy and the action of medication.

The best results are achieved if medication is combined with couples therapy, stress management, communicating with the partner, adopting a healthy and balanced lifestyle, or even doing yoga or a series of acupuncture sessions. Among the medication treatment solutions there are: hormones (estrogen and androgen therapy), certain kinds of steroids, or phosphodiesterase inhibitors.

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