There are countries like the United States, where around half of the pregnancy are unwanted. An unwanted pregnancy is an individual drama for every mother and baby. In order to avoid such a difficult situation.

Contraception is the use of devices, pills, sexual practices to prevent a pregnancy. Contraception can help women decide when to have a baby. Contraception does not protect the sexual partners from sexually transmitted infections. The only contraception method that does that is the condom.

Birth control includes 3 big stages contraception (the prevention of fertilization of the ovum by sperm cells), contraception (morning-after-pill), and the chemical or surgical induction of abortion.

Among the old, traditional contraception methods are abstinence, and withdrawal (coitus interruptus) – the ejaculation occurs outside of the vagina, but in this case a pregnancy is likely to occur.

The modern birth control methods can be separated into reversible and permanent methods. In the “reversible methods category ” an important place is taken by the hormonal methods: oral contraceptives(contains estrogen and progestin and is taken once a day at the same hour. Is not recommended for women after 35 that smoke because of the risk of breast cancer ), patch, hormonal vaginal contraceptive ring (is placed inside the vagina, for 3 weeks; in the period week is taken out and then replaced with a new one ), mini pill (has only one hormone : progestin and it is a good option for women who can not take estrogen ).

Another reversible category is formed by the barrier methods such as : male condom (latex condoms help prevent HIV and other STDs and pregnancy), spermicidal (come as gel, cream, tablet, suppository, and are placed inside the vagina before intercourse ), female condom (has a flexible ring at each end – one secures behind the pubic bone and the other stays outside), diaphragm (shaped as a cup, inserted into the vagina along with spermicids).

There also exist some intrauterine devices like : mirena intrauterine system that releases progestin each day to keep you from getting pregnant.

The permanent methods are preferred by women or men who already have children and are sure that they don’t want any more . The male sterilization–is called vasectomy, keeps a man’s sperm from going to his penis. The operation is very simple and the time for recovery is less than a week. Female sterilization also called “tying tubes” is more complex . It consists in closing the fallopian tubes tied so that sperm and eggs cannot meet for fertilization.

What is important to know about contraception is that there are a lot of myths around this topic. In order to be sure of your choice you should ask a doctor help choose the one that fits you best. Is better to be safe than sorry .

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