Collagen and Other Injectable Fillers

The main goal that got to this new high tech search that we have nowadays lasted for almost thirty years in development and research in this type of field with the hypothesis that there is out there the ideal substance filler for skin and soft-tissue augmentation. This type of product will have to have the following characteristics: has to be a simple procedure-injectable, physiologic-incorporates itself with the body’s tissues, risk free-no adverse effects or nor complications, permanent-will not degrade with time.

This ideal filler was not yet produced but it was the stepping stone in creating other types of materials that were used along the years such as fascia, dermis and fat but at the same time these would have gone hand in hand with surgical techniques that may produce some complicated surgical operations and could be linked to complications and adverse pain.

Other types of filling agents were paraffin, cutting oil and silicone but each one being more potentially dangerous than the other depending on the amount induced in the human body.

The FDA, the Food and Drug Administration, approved bovine collagen as an injectable filling agent in 1982 and has remained the most common substance for soft tissue augmentation and skin and it has become the level of comparison to the other substances in the world, new and old. Distensible cutaneous scars are the ones that most need a filling material but by placing filler material into the dermis will only elevate the surrounding skin and we will have the doughnut effect, making that specific scar looking worse than it was in the beginning.

There is no yet permanent, simple, physiological, and safe skin filling agent discovered, all of the that are on the market presenting side effects, more dangerous than the other but in small amounts this type of treatment can change your life by having a scar removed or by shedding some years of your skin, leaving you with a better state of mind. At the very same time scientists strongly suggest that you do not used this often because it can lead to intoxication of the body and other strong effects that this substance fillers may have.

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