Cetirizine liquid - oral, Zyrtec

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Cetirizine is used in the treatment of allergy symptoms (allergic rhinitis, itches, rashes, hives etc.). Although it can relieve the symptoms of an allergy, it does not help in the case of allergy shock, so it does not function as a replacement for epinephrine.



This medicine is avaliable without medical prescription, so read and follow directions carefully, or medical instructions if this medication has been prescribed by a doctor. Follow the indicated dosage, that is prescribed according to age and condition, and ask for a medical advice if symptoms do not alleviate in 3 days of treatment.


Adverse reactions

Taking cetirizine may have a series of side effects, like a feeling of fatigue, sleepyness or a sensation of dry mouth. If any allergic reactions occur or if side effects last for a long time or they aggravate, contact a doctor immediately.



Inform the doctor or pharmacist if you have allergies, especially towards this product or hydroxizine. This medication is not to be self-administerd. Caution is needed in case you suffer from any kidney or liver problems (also, during the treatment, avoid alcohol consumption). Contact the doctor if unusual symptoms appear.

This medication should only be taken by pregnant women after a medical consultation and advisory. Cetirizine passes to the infant through the breast milk, therefore, women who follow a cetirizine treatment should not breast feed.

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Cetirizine interacts with other antihistamines, sleeping pills, anxiety treatments, analgezics, etc. Inform the medic if you are already under a treatment. Do not perform allergy tests if you are under a cetirizine treatment as the accuracy of the results may be affected

In adults, drowsiness is a symptom of overdose, while children may become restless and irritable. In case of exceeding the prescribed dosage, contact poison control or a doctor.

Do not share this medicatio with other people that it has not been prescribed to.

Do not double the dosage if you miss a dose.

Store away from heat, light and humidity, at room temperature. Keep away from pets and children and do not dispose of the medicine into the environment. Search a way to dispose of it properly and in safety conditions.

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