Cesarean Delivery

This has become fast a preferred option within the United States and by 1990s almost 25% of births were made with the help of cesarean deliveries. Since then, statistics show an increase up to 35% on the delivery rate and the country that uses most this type of procedure remains the United States, probably for the ongoing culture of plastic surgery that you can find there.

This type of procedure has been developed from the mere attempt in trying to save a fetus, in which both the patient and the physician were part of the decision making process in trying to achieve the best outcome both for the patient and the unborn child as well.

History shows us that it may also have another background, the majority of studies showing that it derived from the Roman legal code, the Lex Caesare, that stated that the mother and unborn child should be buried separately thus a postmortem mandate on operative delivery will be made.

The children that were born from such procedures where known as caesones. Ancient writers like Pliny the Elder and Maimonides state that cesarean deliveries where undertaken by the patients that have birth complications and due to the infection and hemorrhage that will happen, most women did not survive such a procedure. The first mother that survived a cesarean delivery was in 1500 in Switzerland, where the husband performed the delivery on his wife, after he got authorized permission to do the procedure. In the mid 17th century, doctors observed that cesarean operation became more and more opted for but at the very same time there was a tragic 85% mortality rate after the procedure was undertaken due to the hemorrhage and infection that in the majority of the cases did occur.

Andreas Vesalius revolutionized the medical world in 1543 by publishing a book in the human anatomy and cleared up the air in how this procedure should be correctly done and to have a good outcome for both patients. However the lack of anesthesia made cesarean delivery a surgical procedure that few women survived due to the amount of pain that it will take and the lack of professional help.

A cesarean delivery will be performed due to many complications that the doctor will distinguish within the pregnancy but also nowadays it is used to minimize the level of pain that a birth provokes. In developing countries, controversy surrounds this type of procedure being an intense debated issue when it comes to religion and also the risks that it may involved.

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