Californian diet

Launched by the dietitian Connie Guttersen, California system combines healthy food with some essential rules of diet. The goal? losing weight without jeopardizing your health!

Californian diet or “Sonoma” method offers a balanced lifestyle by eating grains, vegetables and protein in well-defined quantities, without eliminating glucides or fat. Thus, the California regime allows people to eat almost everything (including bread, provided they are not full!).

The main idea is to always follow some strict rules. For example, breakfast dish must have a fixed diameter of 18 inches and contain 25% grain and 75% protein, at least in the first phase of the scheme. Lunch should be composed of 40% and 60% vegetable protein.

California Diet is divided into three stages: the period of weight loss, maintenance and new lifestyle.

1. Weight loss period

Now is the time to give up bad eating habits. California diet breakfast is the first phase of the diet, made up of 25% and 75% protein or cereal in a bowl of 500 ml of milk and cereals, in equal parts. Lunch should contain 40% protein and 60% vegetables, and dinner, 20% cereals, 30% protein and 50% vegetables (same as lunch). Remember breakfast plate must be 18 inches in diameter, and for proper lunch and dinner plates, 23 inches. The first phase of California system lasts 10 days.

2. Maintaining

This is the most important stage. Maintenance period can last between a few weeks and several months. The idea is to manage to reach your ideal weight and maintain it. To achieve this, it is necessary to respect the indications for breakfast from the first stage, lunch and dinner are now composed of 25% protein / dairy, 25% fruit, 25% cereals and 25% vegetables. In addition, now you can revitalize the menu and some fruit such as blueberries or rasberries. As well you can eat chocolate and drink a glass of wine a day.

3. A new lifestyle

Once you’ve achieved your ideal weight, it’s time to adopt a new lifestyle. During the first two stages, it is very likely you have already eliminated bad eating habits. Now you can combine healthy foods with the ones you like the most, because you own the secret of a balanced lifestyle!

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