Benefits of Tea in losing weight

When you want to lose weight, you can turn with confidence to a few cups of tea to help you eliminate toxins from the body. Discover, still, how you can take advantage of the diet of tea and what you gain from consumption of this miraculous drink!

Specialists recommend a diet which is based on the consumption of tea, three to five cups every day.

Of course, nutrition is also very important, so do not forget to eat more fruits and vegetables and to eliminate as much as possible processed food.

Replace bread, pastries and white rice with whole grain based products.

Added to the healthy diet, drinking tea will give you great results! Tea is rich in antioxidants and theine (or caffeine), which may help you when you want to lose weight.

If you’re wondering what kind of tea you should choose, it is important to know that all teas are good as long as you use the plant alone, not red tea or fruit infusions. In addition, it would be appropriate to drink tea from the first harvest, because it is rich in substances that help you lose weight. Tea should be consumed with no sugar and no milk. For variation, you can insert leafs of tea in various dishes – desserts, salads, etc.

Why is it recommended to drink tea when you want to lose weight? Here are some reasons:

– it contains caffeine (or theine): it accelerates combustion and promotes thermogenesis, forcing the body to consume energy;

-catechin: in particular, present in green tea helps to burn fat, in addition, stimulates thermogenesis, fat distribution, organism change and help reduce the accumulated fat around the waist, in addition, is useful in regulating blood sugar, which is useful when you want to abstain from sweets

– EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) favors the action of hormones, like insulin.

To follow a diet based on tea, it is important that you balance your diet. Here’s how:

– A meal must be composed of a quarter of protein (meat, fish …) and half of green vegetables;

– Consume a total of five fruits and vegetables per day;

– At the beginning of treatment, only drink a cup or two of tea a day;

– Replaces the desert, even at the restaurant, with a cup of tea.

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