These are normal consequences of a great physical effort but in this case it will manifest without even knowing. Spring asthenia is scientifically known as spring-induced disorder also known by the names of ‘spring fever’ or ‘seasonal affective disorder (SAD)’ and its symptoms may become quite serious. There have not been any significant studies that were led concerning this issue, therefore not many people know of its existence, health risks that may occur and remedies that are effective.


This spring moodiness is generally catalogued as a phenomenon that generally has an impact in a certain period of the year and it is not considered by many such an important illness. The little research that was held shows us that it has to do with the increasing amount of light and its effects of the human body. The eyes will capture this extra amount of light sending information to the brain in terms causing hormonal changes, effectively a raise in the melatonin levels. Melatonin is directly linked to drowsiness moods thus the higher the levels of melatonin are the sleepier we will get.

The body will try to fight this urge and force itself to stay awake making it more difficult leading to nervousness and hyper activeness pushing the human body to surpass its limits. Other symptoms may include increase of appetite, anxiety or there have been studied cases of heart attacks, suicides and depression. Besides spring fever there is also the most common known spring asthenia were the person gives into the urges of fatigue due to the changes in sunlight, temperatures and as earlier stated the increasing levels of melatonin. Migraines are most common associated with this disorder and lack of vitality as well. This illness is a paradoxical one causing at the same time a hyperactive tendency and a low vitality outburst, sometimes all in one person.

Also it has been noticed that this season may cause some temporary gastrointestinal disorders such as colon and stomach problems, increased or decreased colon function and increased acid due to the hyperactivity. All of this may take place for a few days up to a few weeks depending on ones metabolism and the ability to adapt to the new conditions of the season.

If a person lives a healthy life there will be no problems in quickly adapting and surpassing such spring troubles but there are some remedies that can help us in fighting this disorder: exercising outdoors every day for thirty minutes, following a balanced diet and the most preferred aliments are pasta, chocolate and coffee, eat new fruit and vegetables, sleep sufficient hours per night and drink lots of water or tea.

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