Anxiety disorders – Treatment

Often psychological treatments are tried first this including a learning process in which the symptoms are explained and at the same time realizing that though they could be frightening, they can be under control and not medically dangerous. Quite helpful are relaxation techniques and these types of treatments are carried out in groups, having a great effect and upper hand on the persons that suffer from such a disease the acceptance that other may go through similar situations.

Many other anxiety disorders can be helped with more specific treatments depending on what type of illness that person suffered, the social status, age and medical background.

For instance persons that will suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder can learn some specific stopping techniques that will prevent them from obsessional thoughts. Many phobias can be helped and treated through a number of techniques which will include ‘graded exposure’, a treatment that will involve taking small but in time increasing, steps to challenge that specific fear. For example a person that will suffer from agoraphobia will start off by standing in front of an open door and in time can progress in walking to the end of the street as a final result being in a busy shopping center without feeling any fear whatsoever.

If you or a known person suffer from any type of anxiety disorder you must take into consideration the fact that there are various voluntary sector organizations that will provide you with the help you will need and as per any case the first step in asking for help is the hardest one. Also there are a lot of drugs available on the market nowadays that can help you reduce your symptoms to zero in most cases most specifically anti-anxiety treatments that will include lorazepam or diazepam or a combination of both, being known for their high effects in rapidly relieving the symptoms of an impending doom state of mind. But patients but know that the body will quickly become used to these types of drugs and at the same time they can become quite addictive thus they are recommended for a short term help as two-three weeks, never being used in longer periods. With fewer drawbacks you can use buspirone which is used by most practitioners but it is highly recommended that you consult your medic first.

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